Link 1.2.6

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Purchase / $1.99

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OS Require:

iOS 2.0 or higher


Description of Link 1.2.6

Link gets you from where you are to where you want to go by public transport in New South Wales. Good for locals and pretty much essential for travellers looking to get around NSW on a budget.

Here are some of Link's features:

• Look like a badass. Rock up at the right platform at the right time without looking at the scrolly screens on the concourse. Link shows you which platform or bus stand to be at. Everyone will want to be your friend – trust me.

• Great for bus noobs. Stop using StreetView to look for landmarks when you're riding an unfamiliar bus route. Link shows you a map of where you need to get off and where you currently are so you know when to press the buzzer. Not too early so that the bus stops at the preceding stop and everyone behind you shoots lasers from their eyes into the back of your head, and not too late so that someone gets in on the button-pressing action before you.

• Why should you be awake on public transport while your phone sleeps? Technology should be working for us! That's why we invented robots slaves, right? Link can monitor your location and wake you up when you get close to your destination either by distance or time. Just don't blame us when the machines become sentient and you miss your stop.

• Ever wake up and not know where you are? It happens to me all the time! That's why Link can detect your location and plan your trip home, or to Stanmore Maccas.

• Too many lunatics on buses? Siderodromophobic? Link lets you exclude modes of travel from your plan. You can also exclude ferries but who wouldn't want ride a ferry? Nobody. That's who.

• See trackwork and service disruptions. Keep up to date so you know to call your mate and say that you can't go to the party because you're seeing your grandmother (but actually because you don't want to ride a trackwork bus or change buses at 1 AM at Mount Druitt station).

• Quick reference to network diagrams. No need to visit the 131500 website and download a 7MB PDF that takes 30 seconds to zoom and scroll just to see if you can take the 461 instead of the 483.

• Pick your destination from your contacts! Now you can ask for someone's address when you get their number. Strangely, I haven't been able to test this on anyone yet...

• Copy your trips to clip board as text so you can send it to all your lame friends who don't have this app.

• Press on a bus stop to send that bus stop number to 0488 TXT BUS! Older phones need to manually paste the number though. Lame!

What does Link have that Link Express does not?
• Location search history so you don't have to search each time you go somewhere other than work.
• History and favourites to see your searches without internet access or quickly plan a new trip based on an existing one.
• Fast proximity alarm mode for all your previous locations for when you know your route but still want to doze off on the bus.

What does Link Express have that Link does not?
• It's free! Spend your money on a Son of Mac at Maccas instead if they ever bring it back. Otherwise you might have to settle for a cheeseburger, but at least you still get the gherkin.

Is Link better than TripView?
• These apps do similar things in different ways. TripView is good for letting you know how long you have until you have to bolt out of the house to catch your bus. It's good if you know which buses trains or ferries you need to catch and if you don't have an internet connection.
• Link is good for telling you how to go to some random place that you have no idea how to get to like Kings Langley without telling you to just drive there. Please consider this carefully if you're tossing up between the two.

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